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fresh from meatheads

Why we started the 'Fresh from Meatheads' Blog

There is probably one question I get asked more than any other; “What’s different about Meatheads?” I recognize the legitimacy of the question; after all, by most people’s perception we compete in the much cluttered and relatively homogenous “better burger” restaurant category. People want to know “what’s your[...]

Meathead of the Game Program.

Our "Meathead of the Game" program is available for all youth sports, and is designed for kids in elementary school and junior high. After each game, coaches can recognize a player who best displayed Determination, Hustle and Hard Work®, and award them with a certificate good for (1) free lil’ meatheads burger! #[...]

Cowmunity Spotlight York Community High School.

This month, Meatheads Cowmunity Spotlight honors the efforts of the York Community High School Student Council in Elmhurst, IL. This group of outstanding students serve their school and their community in many ways, and recently hosted a Senior Citizen Prom for some lucky folks in Elmhurst. Watch the video below to[...]